I’m Gonna Take You With Me

Hello friends! My name is Kate and traveling is what I was born to do. My early year consisted of desperately clinging to my National Geographic Kids magazine and pointed out to my mom all of the places I wanted to go. To quench some of my thirst I spent much of my childhood in the back of a Ford Super Duty showing my horses. We were in a new state every weekend. At nineteen my brother and I drove from my life long home in Pennsylvania to meet my mom in my new home – Arizona. When we arrived I felt like I could keep going, “to California!” I told my brother- he wasn’t quite so excited. Nothing makes me happier than driving, I could drive for days – I am a verified steering wheel hog. Years and miles later the fire is still there – after a recent trip to Ireland it became apparent that things need to change. I’m in the last year of Arizona State University majoring in Economics for which I am grateful for however, my reality says that I need to be creative in order to survive.

So I ask a question – who needs to travel?

Families. Twenty-somethings. Newly weds. Singles. Everyone. Anyone.

What I want to create for my readers is a safety net. You can go anywhere! It is not as scary nor as expensive as you think it is. I want to share the crazy places I find myself in and how I manage my time and expenses.

Stay tuned – Your Cobweb Clearer,



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