Quiet On The Homefront

I have been home from my Ireland trip for about three weeks now and almost ready to launch my travel sites! I invite you to check out travelscoutadventure.com. I only have a few more tasks before I can become “Facebook Official”.

I keep thinking I have to go, go, go! I’m past the so-broke-I-could-die phase after traveling abroad and I am ready to travel again.

Upcoming Travel

Early August:

Coin Flipping trip. The plan is that there isn’t a plan – I will be accompanied by my friend Jess and some camping supplies. We will hit the road and flip a coin indicating yes or no and left or right. No technology (only to check in of course), no GPS, and only maps. The goal is to head west; at some point I’d like to find our way to the beach.


I have one trip planned for October to go up into Utah and camp in Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon. It will be close to a year since my last visit into Utah and I am ecstatic to return. My mom and I went for Christmas vacation to Kanab and I fell in love. We explored the Paria Canyon and got as far as we could without a permit. Yes – in most of the Vermilion Cliffs and Paria Canyon area you need a permit and a guide to enter. We learned this much to our disappointment. My hope is to get some good hiking in and write a segment on roughing it camp style.

The Arizona sun is a brutal one. After celebrating the 4th of July all I want to do is hide in my house and think about the Arctic Circle. When people say Arizona is a dry heat – it’s true but don’t be fooled it’s still awful. I suppose this calls for a Ways to Beat the Arizona Sun. On it.

Stay tuned – Your Cobweb Clearer,



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