7 Nifty Ways to Stay Chill in the Arizona Heat

Not long after the start of spring and right before monsoon season Arizona and most of the southwest experience the terrible wrath of the sun. Not to be dramatic but the oppressive heat melts Blender Bottles when I leave them in my car. Temperatures can skyrocket upwards of 115°F and has reached 120° as a boiling point. There is really nothing you can do to escape the heat at this point except hide! I have pulled together a few ideas that I have tried myself to stay cool:

  1. Embrace the dark, Turn down the shades – less sun that gets in your house the cooler it will be. It’s a fairly easy way to be energy efficient and keep cool. Closing doors helps too. If you have an attached garage like I do – make sure the connecting door is ALWAYS shut.
  2. Cook outside – rather than heating up the house for dinner, endure the heat for thirty minutes at the grill – be cool when you get back in.
  3. Freeze things – frozen grapes are delicious. Pop them in a glass of sparking water and you have a fancy, cool drink. Also for the of age readers – frozen champagne can make your day. Don’t buy anything expensive; I prefer Verdi Spumante Sparkletini (raspberry) http://www.verdispumante.com/buy/. Note: You can also stick frozen fruit in the champagne too. Pomegranates – just saying.
  4. Sip water– Water, water, water! I never used to drink much water until I moved to the southwest. I drink close to a gallon of water per day now; not only do I feel better all year round but it helps your body regulate when it is way too hot.
  5. Eat light – The more heavy carbs and sugars you ingest the harder and hotter your body has to work. Opt for protein and veggies. Cool steak and cold green bean salad is delish.
  6. Get out of the house – Did you know that resorts are not just open to people staying at the hotel? SOME places offer open hotel restaurants and bars where you can go and hang out. This is probably the most expensive suggestion but it could lead to a great, cool, night out. Also for less expensive options: head to the movies, check out some books in the library, or check out a museum.
  7. Get out of town – Head north, to high elevation, go camping, and try the beach! Just a two hour drive north of the Phoenix/Scottsdale area is Sedona and Flagstaff – and a good 10-20° temperature drop. Sedona has some of the best and beautiful hikes that anyone can do. Some of the best easy hikes are West Fork and V-Bar-V Petroglyph hike. Both are easy if you have kids or dogs. Looking for something harder? My favorite ultimate hikes are Bell Rock and Devil’s Bridge hike. Bell Rock is rock climbing lite and at the top is a vortex portal. The Devil’s Bridge is a natural rock bridge – note it takes awhile to get to the site but it is well worth it.  Flagstaff has a surplus of wooded campgrounds – just be cautious about lighting fires.

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7 Nifty Ways to Stay Chill in the Arizona Heat


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