8 Things I Miss About Home

The Fall

Home for me is Easton, Pennsylvania. With fall approaching I can’t help but get homesick. Fall is the best time of the year. The weather cools down and the humidity subsides – the leaves start to change and the fields go purple and gold. Not to mention apple turnovers and pumpkin spice coffee (not always PSLs). My version of perfection. You don’t get those things in Phoenix, you go from an inferno to like a campfire. The reward for surviving the summer is getting to go back outside. Moreover here are the things I miss most about home in the fall:

  1. Pumpkin Patches 

That’s right – pumpkin patches. Unfortunately all pumpkins are shipped into Arizona because well – we get no water. A pumpkin patch in Phoenix looks like a cardboard shipping container in a Fry’s or a Safeway. That is not the fall spirit I came to know and love. Pumpkin picking back home involves dressing up in sweaters and scarves, driving to a farm, trudging around in a field and looking for the perfect pumpkin. Strawberry Acres in Coplay, Pa was the best and involved not only pumpkins but apple picking and potato slingshots. It was an annual family and friend event – missed terribly.

2. The Wawa Run 

      What could be better at 2 am than a Monster and a handmade hoagie (synonymous with grinder, sub, sandwich, hero)? Wawa is a twenty-four hour truck-stop that serves tasty food, beverage, and fuel that only serves a handful of states in the Mid-Atlantic. Superior to Sheetz. My poison: Roast Beef and Cheddar on a toasted roll – extra, extra horseradish and a Pumpkin Spice Latte (yeah I’m on the PSL boat).

3. Bank Barns 

     Maybe because it is in my blood but there is just something I love about a big sexy bank barn. A bank barn is built into the side of a hill and has split levels to separate livestock and hay, grains and farm equipment. When I am in the barn or on a farm for that matter I am home. I love throwing hay bales down the chutes to the lower levels and chasing kittens away from the bailing twine.  All barns tell a story and house both life and death – they are all different and send you back in time.

4. Seasons

      Arizona had two seasons normal weather and Satan’s mistress hot. This year we added humidity into the weather mix needless to say I was not amused. Pennsylvania however has the full four. Temperamental spring, armpit summer, crispy beautiful fall and a frozen tundra winter. I would rather feel it all than every day be the same. Too much of perfect weather gets boring.

fire woods

5. Wegman’s 

     Much like Wawa, Wegman’s supermarket only caters to the mid-Atlantic. Wegman’s is just a classy place with great quality selections of produce, seafood, and grocery items. They have everything of an upper scale market in a small town. They have a huge selection of everything from cheese to international goods selection.  Arizona has AJ’s – which is just okay. The quality isn’t there for the high prices and the snottsdale stigma.

6. Rain smell and sun on a morning field

     Xanadu. Rain that smells musty and earthy in fall is the best smell with only old books and smores ahead of it.

When the bright morning sun hits a dewy goldenrod field that is magic. Again could be the farm girl in me but there is no beauty that matches.

The Meadow

7. Rock walls

      Only in Ireland have I ever seen fair representations of rock walls. The Pennsylvania Dutch love their rock walls. As do I. Rock walls started out as markers of properties and became a place to dispose of rocks in a land where rocks pretty much grow.

The Farm Wall

8. Coffee Shops

      It’s weird that there are no coffee shops here in Phoenix… I’m not talking Starbucks but small local coffee shops. In Easton we have the Quadrant Book-mart and Coffee shop. I’d make my rounds there at least twice a week for coffee or breakfast. It is a popular haunt for all member of the community – of all ages and backgrounds. The walls are lined with endless antique books and there are chess  boards to strike up a game. Not to mention COFFEE. As an avid coffee drinker I love the unique blends that they provide. Peruvian is the best!

I’ll be home the end of this week for my best friends birthday! But only for a short time – about forty-eight hours. It will be enough for a fix 😉 But I ask you…

What makes you miss home?


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