4 Tips to Exploring a New City

After my trip to San Diego, CA I have been inspired to write segments of my best travel tips – how I travel, what I do to prepare, and what I do when I get there. This is my first urban post, as you can tell I adore the outdoors. Writing about hiking and camping seem so natural like breathing but, writing about urban settings take a different tone. I feel like I have to practice writing about tall buildings and concrete. Below are some of my rule that I abide by to stay safe and have fun when I am in the wilds of city life. I want them to be short and sweet suggestions:

  1. Just Avoid Dark Alleys

It doesn’t have to be a literal dark alley. Be aware of your surroundings and go with your gut. Especially females traveling – anything can happen but bad situations can be prevented by keeping your wits about you. Follow the basics – know your limits, don’t accept drinks from strangers and come up with a plan in case something happens.

  1. Do Bar Hop

Check it out! You are in a new town where no one knows you. Don’t be afraid to ask locals about the best places to visit– they know. If they love the location, they will share. Don’t just stick to one place have an appitizer in one bar, have your mains in another restaurant, and if you are feeling saucy have dessert in a third place.

  1. Have a Game Plan

It helps to do some research. Find out what is located in close approximation to your hotel. If you can walk to dinner, fantastic – keep your car in valet and don’t call an Uber driver.  Map out what days you want to be up early to go to an attraction and what mornings you can relax. Maybe it is just me but I like to have some structure so you can optimize your time; that isn’t to say that the plan is the end all be all. Make sure the plan is flexible.

  1. Up Early. Siesta. Out Late.

The earlier you wake up the easier it will be to get into attractions – you could have the whole beach to yourself for hours while everyone is still in slumber. Think about it people are on vacation – so they sleep in. I always beat the crowds by arriving as early as I can. By the time you have finished seeing everything the attraction should be filling up! Now you can take a nap, two to three hours should suffice – just enough to get you through your evening.  When you wake up you are good to go and ready to join the night life.

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