6 Signs One Has Become Acclimatized

Winter is coming. This week the temperatures plummeted from mid-nineties to the upper sixties in a flash. Every morning I leave for school around 6:30AM, this morning it was forty-seven and – I’m bundled up like a burrito. I suppose I can’t be satisfied as I always comment about the heat and now that it is cold, I’m still complaining. When moving from a colder climate to a warmer climate, it takes a little time, clearly, for your blood to thin. What happens is just that slowly but surely. 2012 brought on the move from mostly cold and humid Pennsylvania to the dry inferno that is Arizona. I had not an inkling that I would ever think the sixties were cold. Here are my six realizations since I have acclimatized:

  1. I’m suddenly at a loss for warm clothes.

The first year of living in AZ my closet used to exist packed with jackets and sweaters – warmth. I used nothing so I began the process of donating and tossing everything to make way for suitable alternatives. Forward to this year I have purchased in the last six months two jackets, long-sleeved tops and a fleece. Granted I needed them in Ireland and camping in the north, however as I write I’m cuddled in a cable knit green sweater.

  1. Anything below seventies causes distress.

Suddenly the sun goes down and I’m freezing, looking for my wool socks and hoping my puppy wants to sit on my lap – he isn’t much of a lap dog. The seventies aren’t cold that is just silly – apparently I’m wrong. Maybe it is the sudden drastic temperature change or maybe the overcast skies are giving off some sort of placebo effect even so I feel like I have an igloo for a hat.

  1. Returning home makes yours truly question global warming.

I went home for my best friend’s birthday in September, just when it begins a downward spiral that is winter. September usually isn’t cold just yet – I’d call it crisp. I knew this so I brought sweatshirts, flannels, and some jeans. I borrowed a jacket anyway. What used to be normal is suddenly undesirable.

  1. Last year I paraded about in shorts – now I’m a burrito.

I was that crazy person who was still wearing shorts in the middle of January last year. Heck, I bragged to all my east coast friends that I spent Christmas in my pool. Maybe it is what I deserve; then again I certainly don’t want to swim in a pool at this moment.

  1. Curses to my sandal collection.

All I have are sandals and hiking boots since what else do I need? I only need my non slips to go to work and I can wear sandals everywhere else. Just like my chilly weather clothes, my closed toe shoes left too. When you move biggest tip – don’t be so hasty to overhaul your belongings!

  1. Denial and acceptance of acclimatization.

Deny, deny, deny. Wrapping your head around being cold is ridiculous – I must be some kind of wimp.

Yes, I have acclimatized HOWEVER it’s not so bad. On the plus side – because the weather is so fair I am granted with the ability to travel all year round. One cannot complain about that!

This is supposed to be just a silly post – yes I am truly cold at the moment, but I promise I’m not at all this dramatic.

Okay, I’m somewhat dramatic…

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