8 Ways I Will Win at Life in 2016

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I will live with tenacity, answer to no one, and sit on top of mountains – figuratively and literally.

I’m young and free, the world is so tiny yet entirely vast. It could be my inner cowboy speaking, but I choose to live life to the fullest as the world still has uncharted territory. I cannot and will not stand for a big shot dictating my time. If that means working my tail off to be independent then that is the burden I must carry.

I vow to return to the people and places that I love, but I will also seek fresh experiences.

I have my places and scenes that satisfy my wanderlust. The Paria, Doheny  State Beach, and the farm back in Pennsylvania are some of the places that speak to my soul – but I must hunt for different encounters.

Always wear sunscreen.

This is another word of advice to protect yourself. I always end up regretting foregoing SPF. In my twenty four years it still hasn’t sunk in that I inherited the pale German girl gene.

Fear will not impede my quest for adventure.

From grasshoppers to an irrational fear of kelp touching my feet will not stop me from trying something once. Fear can be beaten – fear will be beaten.

You don’t just not drink coffee.

I coined this phrase after a long layover and then a delayed flight. My tired and hangry self-exclaimed this to my boyfriend at a Caribou Coffee in Denver International. It became a rolling joke that I resemble an angry Bruce Banner without my morning ritual – coffee. I’m writing this into my manifesto as a reminder to care for yourself during travel. Whereas while traveling it is effortless to overindulge, but neglect the little tasks such as eating vegetables or sticking to your routine.

I believe in the power of kindness.

And I stand by the power of kindness. We get caught up in the negative aspects of life, it sounds cliché but take a moment to think of others and be respectful.

I promise to be present and not dwell on what could have been – it all happens for a reason.

Our paths are not set. One year may be the best of my life and the following life as I know it could be changed forever. I will trek on and remain resilient.

I know that I must play nice in the sandbox.

All too often it’s painful being part of the masses which is why I usually prefer to explore less popular places. But undoubtedly I will find myself in a crowd – I promise to be patient and kind.


Your Cobweb Clearer, Kate

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