6 Bits of Truth After Moving Across the Country

Tell me about your experiences following a big move!

  1. People Will Move On

Sorry to be a downer in the first paragraph, nonetheless this is one of the toughest lessons that nobody realizes until it happens.  It took roughly a year and a half for my long distance friendships and family relationships to start breaking down. It was the saddest day when I realized that the Pennsylvania chapter of my life was over. Moving two thousand miles has been considerably different since its gruelingly impossible to schedule the time off, save the money and visit this person on a daily basis. Just remember that people come and leave for different reasons – the ones who sick around are something special. It took time to realize that it wasn’t personal and no one’s fault undoubtedly people move on and undoubtedly you will too. Which leads to number two.

  1. You Have No Choice – Find Yourself

I felt lost, my heart felt broken. I took the time after moving to figure out who I was, what I wanted out of life and what I considered to be essential. Following too much wine and several bouts of crying, I seized the opportunity to reinvent myself. Teens that move long distances away such as myself become caught up with loosing friends since the first eighteen years of our lives we are surrounded by peers and remain in constant contact. It’s truly confusing when it suddenly goes away. It’s lonely in the real world. For a long time I blamed Arizona for my miserable state when in reality – I was just growing up.

  1. Different Cities are Overwhelming, then Ultimately Exciting

Where is the grocery store? I have no idea where the hospital is! You say there is an easier drive to Home Depot? These are all thoughts I’ve had, followed by expletives that I have wondered out loud. Phoenix and Scottsdale is Goliath compared to Easton where I grew up, consequently the time I needed a hospital I had no idea where I was driving. When you finally become a local you become a master of the streets and it becomes enthralling to find hip coffee joints or even be able to relay directions! I love the feeling of discovery – explore! Drive around with no set purpose, who knows what you may find.

  1. You Miss Home, Then Again You Don’t

As the pain lessen you begin to notice how positively wonderful your life is. Home will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart, on the other hand, I couldn’t live back home any time soon. It’s what you create from your home, even though I traded in the four seasons for perma-sun, oak trees for saguaros, and rainstorms for dust devils I know that adventure is around every corner. I have learned to love my home – and will learn to love wherever I decide to settle.

  1. You Will Happily Fly Across the Country Just to Hang out with your Bestie

I’ve done it before – I’ll do it again. Once in a while, usually for birthdays booking a trip back to hang out with your bestie is worth it. You should cherish every second.

  1. It’s Thrilling When You Run Into a Person From Your Hometown

“OMG! You have been to WAWA!” or “No way, you are familiar with Easton?” I love running into people who recognize my neck of the woods. Usually they are excited too, as it proves how tiny the world is and how connected humans truly are. It’s like a secret club or knowing a joke that only makes sense to you and your new friend.  I met a lady once who lived across town from where I grew up – she sat at the bar when I was working!



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