4 Things I Still Remember about Ireland – One Year Later

I apologize for the recent lack of attention given to my blog. As fall approaches the WordPress gods reminded me of my year anniversary, hosting a  website. I had an intense summer. No fun mind you – twenty credit course load is not anyone’s definition of fun. Travel Scout is down but not out, for the moment. I have blogs to come featuring Utah, Pennsylvania, and Northern Arizona – stay tuned for those in weeks to come! Now that I can breathe again – let’s get nostalgic.

It has been over a year since my trip Ireland. Unfortunately, I have not traveled this summer due to finishing college in December. Here I come 2017! I still have the bug, my boots just want to travel already.On the docket is Iceland, Germany, and Austria planned for September 2017 – I am considering taking the entire year to travel.

Whereas I am anxious about the future, there are quite a few experiences that stick out in my head from the first time I left the USA.

Need More? Click here for more : IRELAND !


If you ever visit Ireland DO NOT miss these ventures:

  1. downward
    Here I am as a tourist

    Kissing the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle

  2. windy
    Ancient Lodging

    Scaling Skellig Michael – 800 steps up, 800 steps down

  3. Long Room 3
    The long room after the Book of Kells tour

    So many beautiful, beautiful books in Trinity College Dublin  ❤

  4. facebook 11
    Joey and Monte good boys

    Horses, beach, Ireland – does it get better? Connemara


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