4 Of the Best Indoor Places to Visit in Phoenix

Arizona is fighting through the dog days of September, alas relief is on the way! As if by magic, one day will be not as hot as the last slowly forgetting the 100+ degree weather.

I was recently asked by a table that I had at the restaurant, where are the places you can’t miss in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area? I had to think about it for a moment nonetheless there are several places that I take my friends and family when they come and visit.

Arizona offers astonishing views and outdoor excursions; however you can’t permanently have ideal weather – right? When the heat is blistering or freak freeze warnings – ahem it happened– drive you indoors, seek out the remarkable locations central Arizona and Maricopa county offer. These are all places that I have been and would highly recommend to anyone of all ages as you won’t find them anywhere else.

Herd Museum

In the heart of central Phoenix is the Herd Museum, which boasts the largest collections of southwestern Native people. People come from all over the world to view the astonishing artifacts that reside in the Herd. There are roughly ten or so exhibits which rotate seasonally ranging from art, sports, ancient and current artifacts, and items of cultural significance. You can easily spend an entire afternoon here – the museum and its grounds are beautiful.  *note – free parking* Right now what I would love to return and explore is the Frida Kahlo exhibit, which is on display now until early February.

My personal favorite exhibits are the silversmiths. The detail and the symbolism are incredible.

Adults $18
Students with valid I.D. $7.50
American Indians FREE
Kids $7.50
First Friday (6-10PM) FREE


Butterfly Wonderland 

Straight off the 101 and Via de Ventura is an enormous building holding America’s largest butterfly pavilion. I adore this place for its atrium – imagine coexisting with three thousand butterflies. There is certainly a sense of awe to be surrounded by the tropical plants and flowers accompanied by the butterflies. Included with your admission you can view insects of the southwest, a 3-D Theater, and a honey bee exhibit. This place is super family friendly and should maintain your attention for 2-4 hours. Coming soon! In less than a year the Odysea Aquarium will open. I’m extremely excited for this – I love aquariums.

Adults $19.95
Kids $12.95


The Musical Instrument Museum 

Where else can you appreciate six thousand plus instruments from over two hundred countries? As a music lover, the MIM experience is unmatched. There are all sorts of instruments ranging from ancient to modern. Upon entry you are given a headset (or you can BYOHS) to listen to a narration of the exhibits – there are over three hundred and fifty organized by country of origin. Not only is the MIM simply a museum, but it is also an architectural marvel – it is designed as a piano and in the center of the building stands an acoustical hot spot – I highly recommend locating this! It is worthy to spend an entire afternoon at the MIM but if you are on a time constraint plan for 2-4 hours to secure your money’s worth.  Keep an eye out for concerts and events.

General $20
Teen (13-19) $15
Kid (4-12) $10


Taliesin West 

Meet Frank Lloyd Wright’s summer home. The prolific architect’s home serves as an educational center for architecture and the art of blending natural and modern landscapes. This is not something that I would recommend for kids under fifteen unless you pick a tour resembling the Junior Architect Tour. Taliesin West is definitely tailored to adults. Tours range anywhere from 1-4 hours –visit the Taliesin website for tour schedules and prices as they vary.

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  1. Kate, The Herd Museum was great ! The other 3 sound great too. Don’t forget- you & Brian are Coming HERE to Virginia to visit us THIS YEAR ! ( K, K, M, L come too so we will have to coordinate 3 schedules. Mine is flexible ). your friend, Melanie Mahoney

    “Sometimes leadership is planting trees under whose shade you will never sit.” Gov.Jennifer Granholm- Mich.


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