Battlefield Vibrations – Gettysburg Pennsylvania

How I found myself in Gettysburg this previous weekend: my little brother married his best friend…

Congrats Mike and Shayna
Apparently, Gettysburg is popular destination wedding site – go figure! Nonetheless, we stayed in a beautiful, historic bed and breakfast. The off-site cottage I stayed in was even removed from a key battlefield for preservation. Despite rumors of bumpities and spookables our only visitor was a tiny mouse raiding the kitchen for my granola bars. This did not deter yours truly from making her boyfriend come out to investigate. Note, this was 3AM and he was a noble sport     🙂

Ghosts and ghouls are deeply associated with the battlefield of Gettysburg. Whether you believe in the spirits or not, there is something solemn or rather pensive about walking along the paths. The grounds have a vibration that grabs you by your shirt collar and reminds you that this place witnessed a terrible event.

1863, on a hot summer day, likely similar to the day I visited, boys and men went to battle. The Battle of Gettysburg lasted only three days, but saw close to 50,000 casualties – both sides combined. What I find most disturbing about this particular battle is the number of missing soldiers. Around 5,000 men from each side were unaccounted for but assumed dead or captured. The battle stretched for miles covering landmarks like the Devil’s Den, Little Round Top, the Wheatfield, the Peach Orchard and Cemetery Ridge. General Lee leads the Confederate army into Union territory following previous wins, however, Meade’s army was ready waiting in the fields. Gettysburg also marks the furthest northern advancement from the Confederate troops. Dubbed the High Water Line – no confederate soldiers made it further.

This battle is considered a turning point for the Civil War as the Union side was losing up until this point.


I only had a short time to explore, but check out the pictures from Cemetery Hill:

angle 2
“General Armistead and a few Confederate soldiers charged across this well, reached the Union cannon behind it and were soon overwhelmed. “

My suggestion, book a tour!

Gettysburg Battlefield is a historical monument part of the National Parks Service therefore FREE!  Now, I don’t normally condone group tours but, this is an exception. There is so much to see, I would hate to miss anything!

When you are finished drive into town – visit antique shops, boutique stores, and great restaurants.

There is a plethora of things to see – don’t miss out!


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