Newest Aquarium: Odysea

Yesterday, I visited Arizona’s newest attraction – Odysea. Located right off the 101, Via de Venture exit is a growing complex that houses North America’s largest butterfly conservatory, Butterfly Wonderland as well as the newest feature Odysea Aquarium.

Odysea features a gaggle of sea otters, African penguins and various species of fish and sea creatures from around the world.Follow a droplet of water through the water cycle. The cycle starts in a creek and ends in the deep ocean. Odysea will later feature stingray petting, backstage tours of the penguin and otter exhibits, as well as under sea “trekking”. The facility has only been open for three weeks so, expect a soft open experience none the less it was worth two hours of my time and $35.

Take a visit! It is worth it.

Disclaimer: I have NOT mastered aquarium pictures, bare with me 🙂

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Before the right or wrong of it comes up, I stand by preservation and protection of species that require healing. Education is the only way to protect therefore I support conservatories like Odysea.



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