6 Ways To Stay Fly While Flying

Vacation time doesn’t mean that you get to slack off taking care of yourself. I know that I personally fall into this trap most of the time, then I complain about the giant zit on my forehead or how I have the sniffles. Despite never admitting to being sick. NEVER admit to being sick.

These tips can apply to any sort of travel road trips, stay-cations, long distance, by air, jaunts, international travel, even camping.

Here are six ways to stay fly while flying:

  1. Hail, Hydrate

Airplanes are dry and stress from traveling wreaks havoc on your skin. The best way to combat dry skin is simply to drink – not airport booze – but good ‘ole H2O. I watch my hydration three days out and three days after. If you can keep that up your pores will thank you. I carry around hydro flasks or blender bottles – both eco-friendly and travel friendly!


Fun Fact: It’s a popular theory that hydration aids jet lag.

2. Moisturize Me

Vitamins in lotion keep that mug soft and glowing. Keep it simple – I prefer to use scent free Aveeno daily moisturizer.  As you can see, it is available in a cute travel size at a more than affordable price.


Find it in the travel section at Walmart or Target.

Or Amazon

3. Strip Down

The make-up that is. Headed to the airport opt for a fresh face. Again with the clogged pores…

Hack: Instead of taking the whole package, grab a Ziplock and take what you need. The zipper seal keeps them moist and maximizes space.


Find it in the travel section at Walmart or Target.

Or Amazon

4. If You Must Make- Up

As a make-up minimalist, my daily routine includes SPF BB Cream, eyeliner, mascara and chapstick. My eyebrows, only recently, went on fleek. Especially while traveling I like to keep it light. I do splurge on one item – matte velvet liquid lip color by Lime Crime. This stuff is awesome and has a selection that varies between wild and tame.

Find  Lime Crime on Amazon

5. Germs

Airports are filthy. Whenever I go on a trip that involves a plane, I get sick. Think about it (or don’t) one hundred plus people all sharing the same air for several hours. Recently I have been popping Zicam Pre-Cold Tablets after a flight – if I start feeling sick. It is essentially a vitamin C, non-drowsy, homeopathic solution to a looming cold. Armed with Zicam and antibacterial wipes I think I can make my upcoming trip without feeling gross.

*Note this is not a daily supplement – take only if you exhibit cold symptoms!


Check out any pharmacy

Or Amazon

6. Be comfy, but you are not at home.

I opt for the undercover superhero look, you know…

BeFunky Collage

My look…

Dark, layers and practical.


Make sure you use layers in case the plane gets too hot or too cold, that way you can be just right.  Wear shoes that you can get in and out of quickly. If you are trying to save space in your luggage opt to wear your heaviest shoes. I will be wearing my Doc Martens as I am traveling with a carry on. The debate is always out for us females – are leggings appropriate for the airport? My answer is simple, use your head. IF indeed you can see your butt through your leggings, no matter what, then NO – leggings are not appropriate.


One thought on “6 Ways To Stay Fly While Flying

  1. Kate, Those are great ideas ! Hand sanitizer is a must & lots of Kleenex ( to wipe off your tray table etc. ). take care, Melanie ( Randleman ) Mahoney

    “Sometimes leadership is planting trees under whose shade you will never sit.” Gov.Jennifer Granholm- Mich.


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