8 Things that Happen When Your Bestie Visits


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If you have ever experienced a significant move –  I’m talking through time zones – you know the feeling of seeing a loved one for the first time in months or even years. There are some friends who stick around and some who fade away into their own lives. It happens, c’est la vie. When your friends do visit it is better than getting a unicorn for Christmas.

Two thousand miles could never hold back our friendship! For spring break my best friend of nearly ten years, Danielle is flying in from Pennsylvania and will stay at my house for a week and a half. After I did my joyful dance I started thinking what trouble is going to ensue? For one, a Utah camping trip is in the works. I can have her meet my Arizona friends. Must drive to Cave Creek. Where have I not been that resembles an adventure? The zoo? A movie night! Pool side chats about the future. Here is what happens when your best friend visit:

Begins with the Hug that Ends all Hugs.

At first sight.  There is much giggling, screaming, and crying that not one damn is given concerning the airport security guard glaring at you for parking too long. Whether one is a hugger or not a hug from your best friend is the best of all.


In-N-Out doesn’t exist everywhere and following a 5-7 hour flight food is essential. For most normal girl-friends, food is a vital slice of your relationship. There is no judgement – and yes, eat that entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Show off all the countless spots to feast on delicious food! O.H.S.O, Sushi Brokers, and Cowboy Ciao – food possibilities remain endless.

Getting Your Drink On.

There is something about your best friend visiting that manifests bottles of chardonnay. Avid drinker or not somehow wine just appears.

You are Obligated To Show off Your State.

Arizona is vastly different from Pennsylvania. Towering Oak trees are traded for Saguaros. Beautiful fertile soil is swapped for gritty sand. Shoveling snow is switched for year round hiking. Catch my drift? Your best friend doesn’t realize how splendid this is, so it is up to you to demonstrate – secretly with the ulterior motive of forcing her move here.

The Road Trip.

Last time it was San Diego. This time travel is north to Zion National Park! Road trips are a favorite while a best friend is visiting as you are locked in a car with them for several hours. Muahaha.

Document by Photo

The week and a half you have with your bestie will move quickly. It is paramount to snap countless photos. Standing on the tallest rock you can find? Margarita selfies? Snapchats just so THE ENTIRE WORLD knows you are having a blast?

The Road Trip Playlist.

Simply compiling all of your favorites to belt out, in this case all the way up Highway 89A. Dani and I perform a version of Bohemian Rhapsody that would do Freddie Mercury proud. Be sure to include new songs, oldies, and songs that have meaning to your friendship.

The Younger-Years.

Remember the notable, the strange and the ugly. Remember that time dreading your hair seemed to be the right decision? Remember that time simultaneous sneezes occurred and our heads knocked together? Remember when I cried over some idiot in high school? Remember when camping turned into meet the Neanderthals?

Remember to create fresh memories with your best friend. Your best friend is your person and someone you could not live without. Travel the world, eat strange food, photograph beauty, and explore without fear! See you soon ❤

Stay Tuned!

Your Cobweb Clearer, Kate


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