8 Outfits I Wore in the Arctic

The Arctic is associated with Polar Bears, icebergs and Santa. Freezing, right? Imagine my surprise as I stripped down to a long-sleeved tee. Envision witnessing a local Norwegian in a tank top and shorts. Vikings *insert eye-roll*. Temperatures were tricky. Mornings were cold but, normally warmed up as noon approached. The layering technique is a must.
As I’m traveling for the year I packed more than a carry on however, the clothes that I wore in Tromso, Norway could easily fit into a small case granted you wear the heavy-duty coat on the plane.
 2 Pairs of Pants
1 Pair of Leggings
1 Base Layer Leggings
2 Long Sleeved Tees
1 Tee
2 Sweaters
2 Jackets (one heavy duty and one light winter jacket)
1 Pair of Doc Martens
4 Pairs of Wool Socks
Typical Wintery Weather Stuff (gloves, hats, scarves)
Let’s talk footwear. I chose Doc Martens because the boots are slip resistant. Lord knows, I need slip resistant shoes. Docs are leather and trap heat inside aiding wool socks. Your feet will keep toasty. Promise.
Socks, gloves, hats, etc -stick with wool. There is a reason why the Vikings used wool. Wool is resistant to water. Should a snowball fight break out or if you fall in a puddle, rest assured you will keep warm.
 The key is layering. When it’s cold bundle up. As the thermometer rises strip down.
Lastly, chasing the Aurora? Pack a headlamp! Don’t get stuck in the dark.

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