5 Day Itinerary Oslo, Norway

An organized traveler is a smart traveler. So says, I. There is no planning for some events but, itineraries are clever ways to make sure time is maximized. Here is a compilation featuring my ideal itinerary for Oslo. I don’t think it needs or should be followed to a T. I’ve grouped places that are in similar vicinity as to minimize bus/walking/driving time. Let’s face it transportation is what takes the most time when it comes to travel. I stayed in Oslo for a week. A week supplied ample time to get accustomed to everyday life and to mosey around as I pleased.
Day 1: These must sees are located on the Bygdøy peninsula. Nearly all of Oslo’s main attractions are here. Make sure you pay attention to grouped museum passes. Locations like Kon-Tiki and the Fram museum can be bought together at a discount!!
Norwegian Folk Museum – a museum dedicated to the preservation and reenactment of Norwegian life from past to present. Visit homesteads and peek into home furnishings and fantastic displays of everyday accoutrements. Here you will also find the iconic, relocated Gol Stave Church.
Viking Ship Museum – a museum for, you guessed it, Viking ships! The superior ruminants were taken from archaeological digs in Tune, Gokstad, Oseberg and the Borre mound cemetery.
Fram Polar Ship Museum – explore the Arctic and Greenland with Norwegians in the late nineteenth century. The museum covers everything from the expeditions to everyday life for the sailors.
Kon-Tiki Museum – in 1947 a crew of five men left Peru on a raft made of balsa wood. Their captain Thor Heyerdahl had a goal to make it to Polynesia. This museum houses the actual ship that arrived in Polynesia one hundred and one days later. This is a must-see museum.

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Day 2: Make sure the sun is shining today! There will be much outdoor exploration.
Frogner Park & Vigeland Museum – welcome to the whimsical yet deeply disturbing park dedicated to Gustav Vigeland. It could be just me but, I had a weird feeling about this place. It shouldn’t stop a visit but please, tell me there isn’t an ominous vibe here.
The Munch Museum – ladies and gents, my favorite painting resides here. The Scream. Visit this colorful horror and other work by Evard Munch.

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Day 3: Relax or Catch Up on Places You Missed. Go get lost in a city park or hang out in the social coffee shops.

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Day 4: Today is a day for history. Stroll around old town Oslo and admire the cobbled streets.

Akershus Fortress & Akershus Castle – wander the grounds of Akerhus Fortress built to protect the port of Oslo. Mind your manners, the Norwegian Armed Forces still use the fortress as a base. The grounds are free and in the summer months they offer tours for a fee.
Nobel Peace Center – at the foot of Akershus is a tribute to amazing people. The architecture alone is enough grab your gaze.

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Day 5: If you play your cards right, get into the next two locations for FREE. Thursdays only are free days for museum goers!
Oslo National Gallery – This gallery features artists from the likes of Warhol, Munch and others which exhibits change often. Free on Thursdays!
Historical Museum – a museum featuring history, simply put. The maze of a gallery features art and artifacts from all over the world. Free on Thursdays!
Norlis Antikvariat – An antique book shop I found right across the street from the Gallery. TWO floors of glorious, musty books. 10/10 would recommend.
Some tips for getting around Oslo? I got you covered: CLICK HERE
Anywhere I missed? Let me know below:



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