What the Fresh Hell Happened in the Blue Lagoon?

Go to the Blue Lagoon they said, it would be relaxing they said. We have all seen images of those ladies strolling around the eco-friendly paths of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. How badly we all want to be those wanderlusty goddesses. “You can too!” urges their Instagram posts. Inner me said “one day that will be me, oh yes”. I dreamed of the day I would proudly wear my silica mask! Nothing would have made me happier than to float in the pristine magical wonderland, wine in hand and wearing a tiny bikini that would magically fit.


“You were in Iceland last April, right?”


“There is no blog about the Blue Lagoon?”


It was 7AM. My friends and I were making our way to the resort. Giddy awaiting our turn for the wanderluster’s dream come true. Our tickets were purchased for 8AM – early is better, I promised. My white knuckles on the steering wheel were distracting me from fear that the car, fully loaded with four adults and four luggage bags would be blown to Oz. This can’t be good, I forgot my ruby pumps. The parking pad was virtually empty. The hellish journey to the Blue Lagoon began when we opened the car doors and were brutally attacked by the wind. Attacked like it wanted our wallets. On the count of three my friends and I made a mad-dash to the first building we saw.


The warmth of the lobby was promising. It put us at ease.

After changing and showering off as per the rules, we hung out towels on the rungs provided by the spa and made our way to the deck. This was it, we were going to soak in the Blue Lagoon! We decided to bring one phone for pictures because there was one waterproof cover. Logic. As we followed the glass tunnel leading out to the open water, the same fierce wind greeted us only this time it was raining. The rain drops felt like furious icicle daggers cutting right into our cheeks. Who pissed off Elsa? Let it go!


Maybe there was shelter somewhere? We were in the Blue Lagoon dammit, we were going to have a damn good time. The struggle to the silica bar was like trying out for Deadliest Catch. Waves which picked up from the wind slapped us around like Christian Grey would a submissive. The water was warm in patches, which meant that some patches were freezing. Standing up was regrettable too, fearing our nips would fall off. I was stuck in this weird crab crawl trying to move as fast as I could, not leaving the water and not losing my contacts in the salty surf.

Actual picture of me.

There was a sheltered spot a long way into the lagoon. Other travelers were huddled in the same shallow corner too. There was a weird mutual bonding over the hell we had just endured. Majority of the other survivors were sitting on the rock seats in a little ball, trying to keep their ears warm. Was this what it was like to battle the White Walkers north of the wall? A group of Canadians bravely offered to show us where the bar was. I was getting my free beer dammit.

I had to hold the Solo cup with two hands. The wind was that fierce. It was then we decided we were done – so done.

We crossed the high seas one last time only to find our towels had been stolen.


It’s not the fault of anyone, just sheer, dumb luck. Our experience at the Blue Lagoon was not ideal, not relaxing, and not an experience I would care to have again. With that said, I will NEVER forget those two hours of hell despite having no pictures. It’s all firmly cemented into my head.

See?! Travel is not always glamour, puppies and existential epiphanies. Sometime it straight up sucks – even in the the most beautiful place on earth.

Tell me about a time you have had an alternate experience? Or a trip that was not so glamorous.

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27 thoughts on “What the Fresh Hell Happened in the Blue Lagoon?

  1. At least it was memorable! Shame about the Blue Lagoon, it just goes to show how different these travel experiences can be once they’re posted online. Glad to know you showed us a more…realistic/attainable side of the Blue Lagoon!

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  2. OMG so sorry to hear about your horrible experience! Blue Lagoon sounds amazing indeed when you see photos on Instagram but its good to read about the real experience! Now I think I am gonna plan my future visit to Iceland during the summer! 🙂 I hope rest of your trip was better!


  3. Honestly this was one of the best blog posts! I’m so with you on that – sometimes travel isn’t so glamorous, exciting or beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this – it’s far more interesting then pretty pictures. I took a roadtrip – 4000km through mexico and we hit a dog, in the middle of the night – in the jungle, withouth a mobile phone. It was so horrible and frightening – but of course just one side of an amazing adventure. Keep on travelling ! Lots of love, Lena


    1. Thanks! Oh no! That’s terrible about the poor pup. I would feel terrible. I’m glad it got better though 🙂


  4. Haha I love how you incorporated the memes! It’s too bad about the freezing temp and brutal wind – but I guess sometimes it just turns out that way. I’ve had tons of travel experiences where I try to be glam but it just doesn’t happen for me.

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  5. Oh no what bad luck! When I went in the middle of water, it was dry, hot water, cold air, it was perfect. If you are ever back in Iceland, you gotta try again. 😦


  6. So so true! I’ve only ever read so many good things about the Blue Lagoon but I knew there had to be some experiences like yours. Especially when it’s very crowded. We had a similar situation in Fiji when I convinced my husband to eat a bunch of food from the Bula Festival, he later got horrific food poisoning!


  7. I’m sorry the blue lagoon wasn’t what you hoped for. I had a bad experience in the Blue Grotto in Italy. I almost had my head bashed in by the cave due to high seas when we were trying to leave the Grotto. Beautiful on the inside but terrifying trying to get out.


  8. That was too sad of an experience for you and I hope you can redo it.  I haven’t had been into any situation as bad as that (hoping not to). But there was one time that we went island hopping and the skies were dark and the waves were almost 1 meter high. We have to endure being tossed above the waves on a small boat for about 45 minutes to get to the next island. But we still made it. 


  9. Appreciate your frank account of the experience in Blue Lagoon. Most of the times we end up syrupy accounts of travel experiences and are not prepared for reality when it hits us. In this context, I love your honest perspective. When we were in Venice and on a Gondola, we had similar feelings of lesser intensity as the experience was nowhere close to the romantic hype built around it.


  10. Iceland is a beautiful country that we are waiting to visit. You just had pure bad luck while visiting the Blue Lagoon. Love some of those memes that you have used. I hope the rest of trip was much better than this.


    1. I know it was bad luck 😄 The rest of Iceland was amazing and you are going to have the time of your life! I love that place.


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