Three Days in the Highlands Was Not Enough

Blah, blah, blah I fell in love with the Highlands. Blah, blah, blah, wanderlust. Blah, blah, blah the most beautiful place I have ever been. I’ll save you the sentiment and get right to the juicy bits:

In all seriousness, it took one road trip to Inverness to spark a healthy obsession with all things tartan. I stayed in a baby blue 1970’s Volkswagen camper van in my AirBNB host’s backyard. The property was backed right up to Culloden Moor. I was all set to hunt down all of the filming locations from Outlander only to discover it was mostly shot in or around Glasgow and Edinburgh. Ugh. Well, there was always Eilean Donan and the Glencoe route from various incarnations of James Bond. I’d have to pretend that my KIA was an Aston Martin – a girl can fantasize, right?  Regardless, Inverness is the perfect jump-off point to visit several major attractions in the Highlands. From the quiet city, you could plan several hundred combinations of road trips – I only had time for three. I regret not spending the entire week but, even so, I would have barely scratched the surface. Each road trip deserves its own post so, as I gather my thoughts on each of the three days I spent in the Highlands here are some teasers:

Castles Upon Castles – In Various States

There are so many castles to visit! Most of the ruined ones are free. I prefer the ruined ones. There is usually a good walk involved and less people around. You can really feel the old vibes.

Drives That Will Give You A Work Out


There are hardly any straight shot highways. Be prepared for two-lane roads that snake their way through the countryside.

Hikes… That Will Give You A Work Out

This was hiker heaven. Keep watch for places to pull off as they are not immediately identified. They don’t call me K-Turn Kate for nuthin’.

Places Surrounded By Stories


Two Words: Fairy Pool.

Memories From Ancient Times

I’m endlessly fascinated by ancient structures. There are hundreds of places that showcase ancient architecture and a glimpse into the past.

Falcons – and an Owl

I’m going to talk endlessly about the Falcons at Dunrobin castle and how one day I will become a falconry expert myself. These amazing birds of prey were orphaned or injured but, taken in by the conservatory. They are trained to hunt pheasants, rabbits and other small game by the aviary expert Andy Hughes. It’s really cool to see someone who loves their animals. I have much respect for that.

The End of a Culture

The heaviest place, Culloden Battlefield.

Enjoy! There are more pictures and stories to come.

Your Cobweb Clearer, Kate

highlands of scotland


16 thoughts on “Three Days in the Highlands Was Not Enough

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  1. Ive never considered Scotland as a place to visit asap until I started to reading travel blogs! I live in London now and I cant believe I haven’t make my way up not yet ! What a views! And walking on ruins of castles would be my favourite part !


  2. Wow wow wow!! I have fallen in love with the Highlands of Scotland after seeing the pictures in your post. Abandoned castles on green hills, clear water pools, historic sites, scenic hikes, meandering roads and lovely birds. I wonder if there is anything else I would ask for.


  3. Wait, what? You had me at fairy pool. And falconry is such an prominent historical practice in northern arctic circle countries, it mkes me want to compare!


  4. Thank you for sharing. The fairy pools will be great to see in person. Your photos are great. I can’t wait for the long post about the rest of the trip. I to like traveling through older castles with less crowds. It makes it better somehow.


  5. Freeedddooom!!! Scotland is among the last frontiers in this world. We would love to hike the trails and climb the mountains here. Just by looking at the photos, we can already feel the spirit of adventure and Mother Nature. We hope to visit there someday.


  6. The Highlands look so mesmerizing that it is no wonder that you were enthralled and fell in love with the place. It is Nature at its best blended with a rich history of Scotland which makes the place irresistible. I hope to get there some day and I am sure I would never like to come back.


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