How to travel without leaving home

Travel Scout Adventure Kate Swavely

World As We Know It

I’m going to dive right in: We are in the apocalypse friends. Not in the sense that the world is ending but rather evolving. The ancient Greeks used the word to describe the lifting of a vail. A revelation almost. Modern definitions imply hellfire, the universe swallowing itself, and Will Smith as the last man on Earth.

As per usual, I oppose and refuse to accept the modern definition of an apocalypse. Media stirs a madness which stirs and frenzies the public. Fear is a potent drug. A drug I subscribed to when shit went down. I had just moved from Scottsdale to the Verde Valley. My funds, my resources, and my support system teetered on unsteady ground. Everything that fell into place the past month seemed like a cosmic joke. I traded my NEW full-time dream job to an imminent furlough. The Viticulture and Enology practicums that I needed – cancelled. My doggo angel Mac crossed the rainbow bridge. To make a long story short he had a spinal degeneration that was unknown to any of us. One of his discs burst and was bruising his spinal cord. Paralysis was quickly spreading. When the vet said it was unlikely that he would recover, my Mom and I made the excruciating decision to put him to sleep.

His passing was out of the blue, the finality was inconceivable. Did you know sobbing for eight hours feels like your face was hit with a shovel. I would have gladly taken a shovel to the face. That’s when I lost my cool.

Fearful Kate is like a trapped cat. Impulsive. Paranoid. Bunker Ready.

What happened in between is truly unimportant. What is important is the realization that it was going to be hard but, fear is ok. Communities, states, nations, and the globe are all riding the same wave. A disaster like a pandemic is so far out of human control but, it’s our job to decide whether we keep moving forward or not. It’s our job to protect our livelihood and our families. What we can all do at this point is use the time we are given to work on ourselves. Sit tight, stay put, wash your hands. Change is necessary.

It’s going to suck. The government is going to make unpopular decisions. Assholes will hoard toilet paper. We will be confined to our homes. There will be losses. Be cautious but, don’t succumb to fear. Let’s choose to think of the apocalypse as ending life as we know it, rather than just a fiery end. Remember that humankind is resilient and adaptable. Get ready for change.

Which leads me to my project. I want to discuss constructive ways to deal with quarantine and how to make it bearable. As things change, lets re-evaluate travel. Does travel always include leaving your home? Travel is about discovering life and how other people live it. It’s not always about the destination right? Let us explore the journey!

What do you think?

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