Travel Inward: How to Ground Down

Grounding is a technique that involves connecting electrically to the earth. Connecting with the natural vibrations in the ground is under research but, is said to aid depression, anxiety, boost immunity, restore sleep patterns, and even reduce blood pressure. The practice is simple. Take your shoes off and stand in soil, sand, or a body of water. Close your eyes, meditate, practice tree pose, poke around in the garden – no rules – but ten to twenty minutes of skin to natural ground contact is enough to start healing. Just remember to stay out of the cactus…

Ok, it does sound like some millennial mumbo jumbo witchcraft but, take a second and think. We have all participated in grounding, maybe you didn’t realize what was happening. Imagine yourself on the beach. Stand in the sand and allow the waves to sink your feet into the shoreline. Listen to the surf crashing and seabirds calling. Let the sunshine bless your eyelids. Do you remember how Zen you felt? Congratulations. Grounding. 

Might I also add, the importance of sunshine. Exposure to sunlight increases the body’s ability to release serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that mediates a number of functions including mood, sleep, and digestion among other things. Just 5-15 minutes of sunlight on your eyelids could make a huge difference. I have utilized the combination of grounding and some good ole’ Vitamin D to help me through some of the stresses associated with COVID 19. Since desert hiking or driving to the beach is out of the question for now, I transport myself to another realm by digging in my garden, sunbathing on my patio or pretending I’m on a nude beach somewhere in Croatia.

My favorite barefoot experience was in Paria Canyon in Utah. The mud was ankle deep. Rather than loosing my boots to the murky abyss. I took ’em off and carried them. My companions and I explored a few miles down the riverbed. We played like kids in the mud and puddles.

Check out the Paria Post >> HERE

As far as wellness trends go prancing around in the dirt seems harmless. Why not give it a go? Drop a comment if you have tried grounding!

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