Texas: I live in the third sand dune on the left

Months following ‘How to Make a Pierogi’ I find myself living in a van in Brownsville, Texas. Smack dab in the ding-a-ling of Texas bordered by the Gulf and Mexico. When the wind is still and I close my eyes – I can hear the scuffling waves of Boca Chica beach, crabs scuttle across the sand, the sun is hot, and the air is steamy humid. Aside from the dunes the land is flat. You can see for miles in any direction.  My happy place is at the beach, a quick drive past SpaceX’s humming Rocket Ranch. I set my hammock up in the double doors of the van dubbed The Rolling Dutchman III.

I fell in love with a mad genius with an electric soul. Now he is my home. Almost as soon as we met. We were living everyday as an adventure and I think that’s what got me. We slept in the back of my Jeep for a week in Utah. Slow danced under the ominous shadow of Mt. Sy in Washington State. Hiked Lake Berryessa a week before it was engulfed by flames. Had wilderness sex on a cliff overlooking Checkerboard Mesa. Camped on numerous beaches along the Oregon coast.

Van life is an adjustment. I always have considered myself to be handy but, I’m continuously adding new merits to my toolbox arsenal. In the last two months I replaced the radiator in the Jeep – I only had one melt down. Learned to strip, splice, and add butts to electrical wiring. Had a crash course in TIG welding.  And helped (mostly absorbed) how to set up our solar panels. I’m gonna have to make some videos showing off my sweet skills. It’s stuff people should know.

Here is to more adventure!

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