Meet Kate

Me Rock

I’m so glad you found your way to my corner of the internet!  I’m Kate, twenty-five year old wanderer. Hailing from Easton, Pennsylvania, I have stumbled my way to the inferno that is Phoenix, Arizona. I have created Travel Scout Blog to share my stories, hacks, and thoughts on the places I will be visiting. I want to take you with me. I make a point to travel often – it frees my mind, body, and soul.

My whole life I have desperately needed to ‘go’ – not to one place in particular but, everywhere. Settling down has not found its way to me yet. I graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Economics and an Associates in Business from the local community college. I graduated debt free. Yep, all $56,782 I paid out of my own pocket. I’m not a trust fund baby nor do I have a sugar daddy. I worked full time as a bartender and busted my ass for seven long years. Anything is possible no matter what your situation is. Overcoming hurdles is about compromise and keeping a level head.

I want to live with tenacity, answer to no one but myself, and sit on top of mountains – figuratively and literally.

I am a blogger because I find that writing is the best way I express myself. While blogging seems to be a common venture popping up I want to set myself apart as a person who is an every woman. There is a good chance I will never be able to quit my job and jets set as I please but I want to prove that if you set your mind to it – the horizon is endless!

Join me in my adventures!



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