Meet Kate

Me Rock

I’m so glad you found your way to my corner of the internet!  I’m Kate Swavely, twenty something year old wanderer. Hailing from Easton, Pennsylvania, I have stumbled my way to the inferno that is Phoenix, Arizona.

I graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Economics and an Associates in Business from the local community college. I graduated debt free. Yep, all $56,782 I paid out of my own pocket. I’m not a trust fund baby nor do I have a sugar daddy. I worked full time as a bartender and busted my ass for seven long years. Anything is possible no matter what your situation is. Overcoming hurdles is about compromise and keeping a level head.

I want to live with tenacity, answer to no one but myself, and sit on top of mountains – figuratively and literally.

This past summer I saved for a five month solo trip through Europe! I rode a bike through the Wachau Valley in Austria. Chased down my family tree in Prague. Dipped my toes in the frigged glacier lagoons in Iceland. Fell in love with the Scottish Highlands. And so much more! While traveling alone, I never felt more alive or proud to be myself. Browse my blog for more adventures.

Join me in my adventures!


One Comment on “Meet Kate

  1. Hello. Thank you for following my website, as I now follow yours. Yours is gorgeous and I look forward to traveling along via cyberspace on your adventures.


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