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I noticed today, that my top visitors were from Ireland. THANK YOU! I just wanted to give a shout out to everyone who visits my page. Stay curious! 


To Some I Have Talked With By the Fire

While I wrought out these fitful Danaan rhymes,

My heart would brim with dreams about the times

When we bent down above the fading coals

And talked of the dark folk who live in souls

Of passionate men, like bats in the dead trees;

And of the wayward twilight companies

Who sigh with mingled sorrow and content,

Because their blossoming dreams have never bent.

– Robert Louis Stevenson

8 Ways I Will Win at Life in 2016

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I will live with tenacity, answer to no one, and sit on top of mountains – figuratively and literally.

I’m young and free, the world is so tiny yet entirely vast. It could be my inner cowboy speaking, but I choose to live life to the fullest as the world still has uncharted territory. I cannot and will not stand for a big shot dictating my time. If that means working my tail off to be independent then that is the burden I must carry.

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Quicksand in Zion National Park!

Quicksand is a mass of sand, clay, and dirt that is porous enough that water becomes trapped forming thick liquid muck.

When one thinks of quicksand I bet you can visualize Indiana Jones being swallowed up instantly by a pit of despair. While there is some truth – it is unlikely for it to happen that way. Not to say that quicksand should be taken lightly, however it is ultimately possible to escape without a bullwhip. While hiking along the Virgin River in Zion National Park, my group stumbled upon a patch of jiggly almost rubber-esque mud. This can indicate – quicksand. It was a little unnerving as I had never come across it. Alas, after assessing the situation, the decision was ultimately poke and prod – and keeping my dog Mac, far from it.


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Merry Christmas from the bend – Horseshoe bend

view from Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona

The Reality of Nature

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. It goes on.                                                                                                              – Robert Frost


The wild gets real – Javelina head found in a wash while hiking at Spur Cross Conservatory.

Salt River Wild Horses


Salt River herd of wild horses spotted in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve

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