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Glasgow to Inverness – Magic in the Rains

The drive from Glasgow to Inverness is roughly 300km and three hours depending on congestion taking place the one-track roads. I suggest running the A9 from Glasgow through Glencoe and Fort William.

8 Reasons to Get Down With Braveheart in Stirling

Battles, baby kings, and stellar Scottish views. Visit Stirling gateway to the Highlands.

5 Awesome Places You Have to Visit in Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle Travel Scout Kate Swavely

Edinburgh, Scotland. Do I really have to try and sell a visit to a castle built on an extinct volcano? Nuff said.

Stories of Prague Castle

The time had come to approach Prague Castle. I bee-lined for the Cathedral of St. Vitus as the draw is so powerful it beckons you from Old Town. The grueling spires and monstrous arches draw you in. The ceilings and inner chapels are less remarkable than you would think but, the magic happens in the smaller surrounding chapels. Here you see examples of alters dedicated to various saints and individuals.

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