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8 Things that Happen When Your Bestie Visits

  If you have ever experienced a significant move –  I’m talking through time zones – you know the feeling of seeing a loved one for the first time in months or even years. There are some friends who stick around and some who fade…

6 Ways To Stay Fly While Flying

Vacation time doesn’t mean that you get to slack off taking care of yourself. I know that I personally fall into this trap most of the time, then I complain about the giant zit on my forehead or how I have the sniffles.

Stay fly my friends!

8 Essential Rules of Exploring A New City

Comfort Trumps Fashion What shoes you pack when you travel? Everyone wants to look hot – but I found myself wondering are the five inch hooker heels worth it in the long run or are the sensible but comfy wedges the way to go?…

4 Of the Best Indoor Places to Visit in Phoenix

Arizona is fighting through the dog days of September, alas relief is on the way! As if by magic, one day will be not as hot as the last slowly forgetting the 100+ degree weather. I was recently asked by a table that I had…

6 Signs One Has Become Acclimatized

Nobody tells you what happens years down the road after you move to a new climate. I was feeling silly because I was cold… Here are 6 Signs One Has Become Acclimatized

4 Tips to Exploring a New City

After my trip to San Diego, CA I have been inspired to write segments of my best travel tips – how I travel, what I do to prepare, and what I do when I get there. This is my first urban post, as you can…

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