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8 Horseback Riding Hacks For Your Travel Trek

Imagine galloping across a beach or riding up a mountain searching for Mordor – this is your post.

11 Questions To Ask About Your AirBNB

Tips to ensure you get the best bang for your AirBNB buck.

7 Tips for Visiting Oslo in Spring

There are some bits of knowledge one must learn for themselves, but as a sharer of travel tips here is how to get around in Oslo, Norway: 1. Bus Tickets – Use Ruter. Depending on the stay choose between a 24 hour, seven day… Continue Reading “7 Tips for Visiting Oslo in Spring”

6 Ways To Stay Fly While Flying

Vacation time doesn’t mean that you get to slack off taking care of yourself. I know that I personally fall into this trap most of the time, then I complain about the giant zit on my forehead or how I have the sniffles.

Stay fly my friends!

8 Ways I Will Win at Life in 2016

I will live with tenacity, answer to no one, and sit on top of mountains – figuratively and literally. I’m young and free, the world is so tiny yet entirely vast. It could be my inner cowboy speaking, but I choose to live life… Continue Reading “8 Ways I Will Win at Life in 2016”

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