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Iceland Beauty & Rage

Iceland is the coldest, hot place to be. The people have spoken, the masses want a shot at the Aurora Borealis and the Blue Lagoon. I can name a handful of friends and acquaintance who are packed and ready to fly to the frigid nation.


What the Fresh Hell Happened in the Blue Lagoon?

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Reminisce with me about a time where I paid $90 to get abused in a geothermal hell!

First Impressions of Iceland

Everyone asked, “Why did you start your adventure in Iceland?”. My reply was always “Well, I like to be outside”. Outdoorsy? Come to Iceland. Iceland is a jaw dropping haven where hikers can hit the trails and explore for days. The sheer cliffs, cascading…

What You Need To Know For Iceland in April

Eg leita ad…. huh? Check out some tips for braving the ultimate Iceland roadtrip.

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